Dark Passenger

  • Brand Dark Passenger
  • Year 2016-2017
  • My Role Level Design, Characters, Digital Assets in Houdini, Poster and Website
  • Tools Houdini, Cinema4D, ZBrush, Substance Painter, Unreal Engine

Dark Passenger is a game prototype, that I created during my master degree. In a team of three people, I was responsible for the art.

Dark Passenger ist ein Game-Prototyp, der während meines Masterstudiums entstanden ist. Dabei handelt es sich um ein Multiplayer-Spiel. Ein Spieler begibt sich dabei in die Rolle von Ning, einer Kämpferin (gesteuert per Gamepad) und Samir, einem Dämon (gespielt in VR).

Dark Pasesenger Characters

An Asymmetric VR-Game


Dark Passenger is an action-packed asymmetric Coop Game. One player is Samir, a demon tethered to a human being. He's played in VR and his movements depend on his partner to whom he's bonded. His partner is Ning, who is controlled by the second player. In a classic third-person mode, she moves freely through the world, which means she decides where to go for both of them. 

While Ning is a precise killer with sword and gun, Samir uses his hands to destroy and grab objects or enemies. But to defeat Epsilon, they have to combine their strengths to become an unstoppable team. Otherwise, the dead of Ning will also be the death of Samir.

Level Design

The story of Dark Passenger is set in the future in a giant facility underneath the ground. The players start at the elevator of stage 9 from where they reach the main hub, which doors lead to the different areas. 

Dark Pasesenger 1
Dark Pasesenger 2
Dark Pasesenger 3
Dark Pasesenger 4
Dark Pasesenger 5
Dark Passanger 6

Houdini Digital Assets

Since I was the only designer in the team, I had to speed up the level creation. In order to master the task I created different digital assets in Houdini.

Website and Poster

Besides the creation of content for the game, I was also responsible for the public appearance. For this purpose, I created the poster and website of Dark Passenger.

  • Credits
  • Fabian Utsch
  • David Lieb
  • Sven Freiberg

  • Developed at the HAW Hamburg